Telangana  trip under the Social Media

 Telangana  tourist centers under the auspices of Tourism in collaboration with the social media, we can not take the trip to Telangana Tourism, tourist centers, we are also well-known reputation in the Inspretion drive to launch the yatra was a member of Social Media
"Our T-our tourism," Tourism in cooperation with the social media undertook an expedition to the cal Telangana, Telangana Tourism Chairman pervaram Ramulu said that all the arrangements

Yatra details:
 Day -1 January 3rd in the afternoon from 1 pm Begumpet Green Plaza bus start  stay kadem

Day 2 - January 4th jannaram night stay to visit the surrounding areas for Nirmal badankurti

Day 3 - A visit to the caves of the Pandavas to depart on the morning of January 5th ramappa night stay

Day 4 - January 6th mile caves, malluru, damarvayi visit ramappa night stay

Day 5 - January 7th waterfalls, a visit to the  Bayyaram hills  Pandavas return journey to Hyderabad

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