Telangana JAC website launched kodandaram

 To reach more people of Telangana JAC Design  special website.  launched a Web site, Chairman prf. kodandaram. Ambedkar faced many pressures that prevailed in the public issues of the Constitution made it clear that they will fight. In response to the open-cast mining, underground mining jeesi demanded the government to do. Telangana large reservoirs in the fish pond on the other hand ... it increases the Fisheries policy designed a special documentary on the discussion of a wide range of suggested  specifically to fight the opposition on the government to pretend .. compalsary should obtain the answer from the government.

Pittala Ravinder
 The state government will announce the fisheries policy. Fisheries development should be set up. Seeds of fish Production  center to be established in the state of Telangana. Caryulu middle man must destroy the system. Chilling markenting centers should be set up, to provide financial aid from the federation should be formed.

Nallapu prahlad.

The government is not education. Adhvaryanlovidya travel are taken from the agreed date of July 7. Redy List on the full range of education.


The committee was set up on the status of Mynartis List Sudhir should be implemented by the state government, 12 per cent reservation for minorities in the elections on the guarantee given on March 14, will be set up Meating

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