Reliance Jio another blockbuster!

Reliance mobile users to remain as a nickname for jio   Another strategic move now to the draft looming in the smartphone market. According to experts this is bang in the smartphone market would collapse. 4G LTT, vivoeltii feature phones to market has almost completed the arrangements. This is a free geo-phones support voice calls. 4G SIM and can be used in  The price is also less than a thousand rupees. So, the availability of these experts said users will be taken subsequently. to point out that the smartphone market. '' If this does not need to buy phones, smartphones when it comes to the market, '' he said kavusa Cyber ​​Media Research Analyst Faisal. It is challenging to be the time when the smartphone market, he said.

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio Infocomm tisukuranunna 4G feature phones on the market before, kemeraluntayi behind. Geo-Chat, Live TV, video-on-demand are also other apps. The Reliance jiyoku Geo Money wallet service is also included. These phones to smartphones, from the moment the markets are in a recession,

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