Kodhandaram Clarity about New party

He does not need to be a political party, it was agreed that the chairman of the jac kodhandaram. They believe that anyone who knows about the party's tack said. It is the rulers of the strategic offensive, morally damaging the part of the leaders of the people pushing  confusion that would make such false campaigns. cast neme that he was not recognized, Telangana people to know this stuff. Who is sitting in the chief minister's post .. anyware standing about publice  JAC said. kodhandaram visit Warangal district on Tuesday, "said  If the solution to the problems of the public to speak curled alavatenani criticized the ruling classes. There is no destruction in the name of development during the reign of the TRS, the joint looks repression state said. Much to the patience of the people of Telangana, showing patience and warned tadakha deteriorate. There was no need to meet with the chief. Ministers, Chief Secretary, he may be busy, even at arm's length, MLAs, the situation is different from the usual public
They're nothing to be said. However, friends of friends, people said KCR more spiritual. The appointment was given to him because of the absence of a pure lie to say that KCR said that speaking against the regime. The campaign was hidden conspiracy, false attempt and said that due to the items agreed ettukune. Red key positions of the parties present, Velama, Return to the other upper caste, there were protests, they should be a concern of the representatives of the parties, such a combination is not necessarily going to be red. Antakagutunnaro all the people who are aware of the anti-Telangana forces, the cabinet went to jail many times, they know people are now Return to any of the parties to the pro-Telangana. Purugunaina duvet muddadutamane saying only a limited amount of them? Others have questioned whether it can be applied. Stop unwanted public criticism, was counsel to work for the solution of problems. The government announced the war, said that only requests. Hadalipoyi its own government, said that the joint state oppression prayogistondani.?

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