How to Use Bhim Mobile App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday unveiled

Bhim mobile payment app is very simple to use. Bhim Android app is currently available to the National Payments Corporation of India website or can download it from the Google Play Store. IOS version will become available shortly.

After downloading the App Bhim yupiai pin to set up the bank account details to register. This will be the address of your mobile number with your payment. The encakka digital to transact. Aadhaar-based smart phones, hand, finger mark by Bhim App Payments can be digital.

Aiephessi like net banking or other accounts through the bank account to send money to others to get out of the cash in our account. Check bank balance, without having to share, including the phone number, QR code can be scanned.

Bhim App yuesesdi by feature phones that can process transactions. For this you first need to dial * 99 # to. It does not require any Internet connection. All public, private bank accounts, which will be connected. Bhim app at a time by a maximum of Rs 10,000, Rs 20,000 to the transaction can be done in a day.

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