Good News Whats"up Feature

Testune an update chat is always something vatsap docela-loving mind. Ziff brought up to date with the search feature. Facebook Messenger chat apps, such as the types already present in an appropriate way philingki Ziff (animation), it is possible to share files. "If this feature vatsaplonu wellness' sweet it is
for someone who wants to be summoned. After the Open Image button to chat vatsap Ziff will be offered for the special tab. Ziff has appeared with the help of its trending .. philingski, context search option to choose the most appropriate way to use Ziff. Ziff provide hundreds of thousands of pleasure are willing to chat. This feature is currently in beta version for Android brought 2.17.6.Along with photos, videos, such as the share of the 10-count kovalante only once in the past was able to choose. But now the limit has been raised to 30. 30 Photos vatsaplo had the opportunity to share the same time. This function could be anything in the house at the same time feel that there is a lot of photos, the choice could not be more tirinatle the problem. This is the beta version of the updated standard features as they become available .. They will soon be tested. You can also switch the tester vatsap this update if you are forced to go to the tester .. directly by the sartlink telapoccu acceptance. Or even directly on the beta version of the download count epike Mirror next to nothing. Epike Mirror can be downloaded directly through the the short link.

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