Bokkalagutta in desperate need of an extension crosswise over Palavagu

Bokkalagutta was framed on the shores of the waterway somewhere in the range of 150 years prior. It has 750 voters and has a populace of around 2,000 individuals as indicated by 2011 registration.

Tenants of Bokkalagutta village under Thimmapur Gram Panchayat in Mandamarri mandal have been experiencing hardships because of absence of a scaffold over a current, Palavagu, on the edges of their home since numerous decades. Amusingly, Palavagu is arranged scarcely 10 km far from the recently shaped Mancherial area central command.

Bokkalagutta was framed on the shores of the creek exactly 150 years back. It has 750 voters and has a populace of around 2,000 individuals as indicated by 2011 registration. It houses the antiquated Gandhari Fort is arranged on the peripherals. Occupants of this villa witness issues in intersection the creek amid rainstorm. They erect an impermanent extension crosswise over after a blustery period of a year.

Baligonda Kishan, a local of the village advised Telangana Today that they needed to go around extra 10 km with a specific end goal to achieve neighboring towns and Mancherial because of absence of the scaffold crosswise over Palavagu. "We have been asking for chose delegates and authorities to address the test since quite a few years," he said.

"Numerous open agents guaranteed to allow stores for raising the extension over the waterway at the season of hustings. In any case, they weren't satisfied after they come to control. The then Pedapalli MP G Venkata Swamy allowed Rs 17 lakh for building a low-level extension. The assets were used for laying street dam at some other place," he reviewed.

Dwellers as well as the explorers are confronting issues taking after absence of this office. "The sightseers are compelled to spend colossal sums on enlisting auto-rickshaws so as to reach Gandhari Fort. One can undoubtedly visit the authentic site if there is a scaffold over the creek. It is the need of great importance," said Hyderabad-based student of history D Satyanarayana.

Whenever asked, Mandamarri MPDO V Praveen Kumar expressed that a proposition was submitted for the building span and inner streets of the villa in 2014 under Grama Jyothi program went for enhancing rustic parts. "We can't take care of the issue because of absence of assets," he stated, including, they knew about the situation of the inhabitants.

Pic subtitle: Seeking consideration: A driver intersection the Palavagu stream through a brief scaffold close Bokkalagutta, a villa of Thimmapur town in Mandamarri on Wednesday.

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