Appreciate your courage: Nagarjuna

This is the 150th film for Sankranthi Megastar Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna in the ring, followed by a hundredth of a movie box office. The sankratiki indefinitely due to a lot of movies, and vice versa. However, the young hero Sharwanand prepared to compete at the Legends.

The Legends Landmark sinimalatopatu his 'satamanam bhavati' the movie is released. Last year, the 'father dearly,' 'Soggadi little bells', 'dictator' between the major films such as his "big break came with the express rajanu also released. Once again this year, with the same courage wallpapers off the ring. The courage Tollywood 'King' Nagarjuna congratulated. "Sharwanand .. between two large images of your film being released praises your courage. Last year was also the victory. Korukuntunnanani to repeat the same result this year on ac
count of his sosalmidiya Nag posted.

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