Aaalaya Foundation volunteers motivated students and public regarding flag program of CP

Toady Aalaya Foundation volunteers motivated all the students in educational institution's(SRK,Goutham sai and Krishnaveni vikas Jr. Colleges, 5incline mine, Bustand auto union)and youth to join their hands regarding a great program which is going to be conducted on 25th January on behalf of Republic Day by our Ramgundam Commissioner of Police Shri Vikram Jeet Dhugal.On 25th January 9.00 am Indian national flag of 3.2 kms which starts from Jawaharlal Nehru stadium,Chowrastha,Municipal office and finally reaches N.T.P.C(pts).
All the students, youth and people of Ramagundam are requested to join your hands and be a part of this wonderful program and make it a huge success

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