A new feature of the old iPhones, YouTube

High-resolution YouTube videos to see the small iPhone srkinlunna not vilayyedi. So far, only 720 were allowed to pee videos on quality. Keeping an eye on the YouTube pie until it has been raised to date in 1080. IPhone 5, 5 C, 5 S, SE models had the opportunity to see the videos in this update is a good resolution. As the screen size from 5.5 inches to the iPhone 6, 1440, the video quality is likely to pee. The latest update covers the previous aivoes phonlake.

Android gaining share
in nugatki

By looking at the market share of the Android version of Google ops rating system nugat is still only 0.7 per cent of smartphones. The new version of Google's latest report, released two months mundukellaledane custearthamavutondi asincinasthayilo passes. André yid proyo version 2.2 has stopped completely without any of the smart phones. Ginger bread that came after the 1 per cent, 1.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, 11.6 percent, kitkyat 22.6 per cent, 33.4 per cent of all versions of the lollipop was over the top. The latter peaked at 29.6 percent marsamallau.

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