443 lives lost in accidents across Telangana

Indeed, even as the administrative offices watched 'Street Safety Week' in the State, in January, mischances proceeded with unabated with 443 people losing their lives this month.The most elevated passings happened in the primary fortnight of the month with 237 individuals losing their lives and 928 enduring wounds in 919 mischances. A record most astounding of the month, 104 mischances, were accounted for on January 2, in which 23 individuals lost their lives and 125 endured wounds. The figures were discharged by the Road Safety wing of the State police on Monday "The greater part of the mischances occurred between 6 pm and 9 pm. We are distinguishing the dark spots where normal mishaps were happening and taking measures to stop it," said DGP Anurag Sharma. He said that 'Mishap Free Day' will be seen on Tuesday and spoke to the general population to collaborate with the police and organization in guaranteeing a zero mischance day.

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